Aim Awards Level 3 Accredited Certificate in Theory & Skills in Counselling

Beginning Wednesday, October the 6th 2021

from 6pm - 10pm 

Component summary


This course will provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the main approaches to counselling and the theorists that underpin most counselling practice. It will enable them to embark on evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using various approaches to counselling.


This course has 2 standards


1. Understand the key concepts in the main approaches to counselling; and


2. Understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of using various approaches to counselling


Syllabus outline

  1. Approaches to counselling to include:
  2. Humanistic (include: Person-centred therapy, Gestalt, Existential therapy)
  3. Psychodynamic
  4. Cognitive-Behavioural
  5. Integrative

Please find below:


1. A letter outlining fees, duration, venue etc;


2. An application form; and


3. A short specification

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