Aim Awards Accredited Level 7 Diploma in Clinical Counselling Supervision

Beginning 2nd September 2024 from 6 pm to 10 pm

One academic year Sep 2024 to June 2025


The Level 7 Diploma in Therapeutic Supervision enables learners to achieve generic personal and professional standards in both intellectual and practical skills, which are propounded by the leading professional bodies and standard-setting organisations for therapeutic counselling Supervisors. Therefore, in completing this qualification, learners can achieve all the training elements towards their individual professional recognition as a therapeutic counselling Supervisor and work towards professional accreditation in this role through a professional body, e.g., the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS).


This qualification comprises four mandatory units: The Developing Supervisor, The Reflective Supervisor, The Principles and Fundamentals of Therapeutic Supervision and the Therapeutic Supervision Practicum. 


The aims of the Level 7 Diploma in Counselling Supervision are to:

• enable learners to develop an essential theoretical understanding of counselling Supervision

• to practise skills and techniques essential to Therapeutic Supervision

• to monitor and support learners in a formal practice setting, where they will be able to practise and develop skills necessary to complete the Level 7 Diploma in Therapeutic Supervision

• to locate these skills and theory within an established ethical framework, such as BACP or NCPS.


Upon completing the AIM Awards Level 7 Diploma in Therapeutic Supervision, learners will have acquired substantial conceptual knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the practice of contemporary and up-to-date Therapeutic Supervision. They will also have acquired much deeper insight into their capacity, capability, and limitations to engage effectively in various therapeutic contexts with various supervisors. This will assist in progressing towards successful accreditation for Supervisors with a professional body.
Learners may progress into:

• employment with one of the many counselling services operating in the UK and Ireland

• self-employment, i.e., professional private practice

• voluntary service.


Please click on the file below to access all of the information and the application documentation you will need to apply. 



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